The Inside-Out Dilemma

The Inside-Out Dilemma

It is shocking that so few of us, as we are spiraling down the hole of Diet Mentality and into Disordered Eating, ever hear a message which offers us another way of seeing the inside-out dilemma we are living.

We are rarely blessed with the gift of hearing a friend, relative, or media person say, “Just work on your relationship within yourself. Trust your worth. Stop trying to change the inside by changing the outside. It is the inside that created the outside, and you must attend to the creator before you can experience lasting change with the creation.”

If diets truly did offer a solution to what is going on for you, wouldn’t you be free of it now?

Yep, you would. But the diet industry doesn’t tell you that. They help you to continue to believe that it’s you – you just don’t have enough willpower; you just don’t want it bad enough; you just don’t care enough about yourself; you’re not smart enough; you’re just plain not good enough! At least that’s what that voice in your head says isn’t it?

But why are you so willing to make it about something wrong with you when hundreds of millions of men and women worldwide are also struggling with the same unreasonable expectations and the same flawed approach to feeling more self-esteem and getting a grip on binging and weight loss?

It isn’t your fault. You come by it honestly. Now stop beating yourself up and get some support and some tools to change the way you’re thinking about yourself and about life and watch how quickly your relationship to food changes – then watch in joyful awe as your weight naturally changes too! 

Check out our Diet Mentality Worksheet. This can be a very helpful tool to keep on hand or put on the fridge!

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