Guilt has no purpose

Guilt is a throwback from the Diet Mentality. It is a coping strategy from the Drill Sgt. It is his way of manipulating you to do what he thinks you need to do. Whenever you catch yourself feeling some guilt about what you have eaten or what you want to eat, remind yourself that to restrict yourself is punishment. The more you restrict yourself in terms of when and what you eat, the more you will reinforce the message that you are underserving, and you will continue to be plagued by bad thoughts about yourself. Restriction and guilt serve only to keep you focused on food and body image while you are spinning your wheels on the surface. They keep you from acknowledging that you have a legitimate need which is driving you to: (a) want a particular food; (b) eat when you’re not hungry; or (c) eat more than the Drill Sgt. thinks you should. The guilt must go. And the more you remind yourself that food is just a coping strategy and seek to understand what is triggering you in this moment, the less guilt you will feel and the more you will be truly free to achieve the goals you have for health, wellness and life in general.

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