Future focus

The Diet Mentality is all about the future. The Drill Sgt. is only interested in what you have done that wasn’t good enough and what you are going to do to make it better – to redeem yourself, so to speak. So your goal setting and your thoughts about life in general will be centered around what you are going to do in the minutes, hours, days and months to come that will finally make you an acceptable being, bringing all that you desire and deserve. If you are not conscious of what you are doing, thinking, and feeling, the moment will pass you by, and it will become another of those past experiences for which you are criticized by the Drill Sgt. In the Diet Mentality, you are all about that future fantasy of what you are going to do; how you are going to feel; how you are going to look; what life will be like when…The obvious problem is that, if you are out there fantasizing about the future, there is no one home to actually take action in the moment and change the patterns that keep you from realizing those goals.

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