Food Focus Hides the Real You

Each of you has an amazing, talented, warm and loving presence inside of you. Perhaps you even let others see that side. If you’re using food to cope, you can bet that you’re not allowing yourself to really recognize and embrace that amazing person who is you. You’re stifling yourself for all you’re worth. It’s your desire to express yourself fully in the face of old beliefs you carry about your right to exist; to take up space; your deservedness of success and happiness and contentment; and of healthy, loving relationships, that makes you feel fragmented, fraudulent, inauthentic and anxious. And it is that anxiety that leads you to focus on food and body image in harmful ways and to miss out on all that you and life have to offer. What if you took a moment today and just got still and quiet and asked yourself, “What are the people/situations in my life currently where I feel I cannot be fully authentic – fully myself?”

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