Feelings indicate needs

When it comes to talking about feelings as an indicator of their needs, I have heard many clients say that they don’t know what they feel. This is both true and not true. Clearly, you have an ability to tune out to your feelings. What you will discover, if you haven’t already, is that you are able to identify certain feelings when you simply take the time to stop and be present with yourself and ask the question: “What am I feeling right now?” To make it simple, give yourself just four choices: Mad, Glad, Sad, and Scared. These are four basic human emotions. All the feelings you will ever experience can be boiled down to one or a combination of those four feelings. So for the next while, each time you check in to see what your Authentic Self is feeling, offer yourself just those four basic choices. You will find that what you are feeling will fit one or a few of these options. What is important to understand about feelings – yours and anyone else’s – is that they are simply flags. Feelings are just indicators of what you need or want at any given moment. They also tell you what needs are being met, that is, when you are feeling peaceful, joyful, and relaxed.

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