Fatigue begets more fatigue

Many of us who use food to cope resist going to bed at a decent hour and force ourselves to stay up, yawning and exhausted. We frequently eat at those times, often because we’re tired. This only adds to our emotional and physical fatigue. Sometimes we stay up late because we are desperate for some time for ourselves. If we have partners and/or children at home, roommates and so forth, we will find it challenging to have space to let ourselves just be. If late at night is the only time available for just us, we will covet that time and be very reluctant to give that up, even to the concept of self-care and sleep. If this sounds like you, clearly there is a lack of balance between the social you and the independent you. You are stuck in “giving” mode, and it is imperative that you begin to carve out some time each day that is just for you. You’d be surprised what 20 minutes of uninterrupted you time can do.

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