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The When to Eat Dilemma

The When to Eat Dilemma

One of the biggest problems people have when they are trying to stop binging, dieting, eating disorders and – or weight loss struggles, is the pattern that I call the when to eat dilemma.

Basically, if you`ve been dieting or binging or both for any length of time to the point that you feel anxious and preoccupied with food and – or with your weight, or you feel guilty about what you`re eating or what you`d like to eat, you are stuck in what I call The Diet Mentality.

In the Diet Mentality you are supposed to listen to people and cues outside of your body to decide how much to eat and when. Aside from being completely irrational this is also completely unhelpful.

How can anyone outside of you know how much you need to eat, of what foods and when

The Drill Sgt. and his Diet Mentality will always tell you that you really should not be eating unless it is a socially prescribed mealtime. It doesn’t matter how little you may have eaten beforehand or how many activities you have performed that require the energy and sustenance which food provides, he operates from the outside in, and every good Diet Mentality follower knows that you only eat at certain times, and certainly not just before bed! So restriction continues to be enforced, even if just in the mind and not the behaviour. If this is the case and you choose to override the Drill Sgt. and eat anyway, unless you do this from a place of deservedness and knowing that it is okay to take care of your body, you are going to feel as though you are doing something dishonest. You will feel as if you are being bad and lack integrity simply because you chose to nourish your body when you were hungry.

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