Diet Mentality and safety

The Diet Mentality and Safety

In the early stages of recovery from the Diet Mentality, you are still looking for physical change as the indicator of your progress or success. Let’s briefly explore the connection between Diet Mentality and Safety so you can start to see more clearly what you need to do to get a grip on food and weight for good. 

This physical change can only come from a marked change in your relationship with food; however, your relationship with food exists as it does because you have not yet found a way to feel safe in the world.

You must first identify what it is about how you think and about your life in the present that prevents you from feeling safe and secure and trusting of your worth and acceptability and once you’ve sorted that out you won’t need to diet to lose weight. If you’re overweight you will naturally just start to eat less and make better choices because you’ll be feeling better about yourself and you’ll be less stressed overall.

Do not confuse yourself by thinking that your weight or your binging is the reason you don’t feel good about yourself. Those things come second to anxiety and insecurity and painful past experiences and confused thinking. You can’t ignore the  things that triggered you to binge or be overweight in the first place and expect to change the binging.

If you’d like things to change for good and not have to starve yourself or focus on food to get there I can help.

Email me and let’s get started. Change is fast and simple when you’re using tools that work.

Love Michelle

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