The Diet Mentality enforces external approval

I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had – and this is also true of myself in my days of coping with food – who were just devastated with a one- or two-pound weight gain. They were certain it showed, that everyone was noticing, and they felt like the fattest, grossest person in the planet. Conversely, those same clients would feel much more confident and secure if they were down one or two pounds. One or two pounds! Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Truly, not even noticeable to anyone, but to someone who believes that external approval will only come when they look like a super model, one or two pounds is truly devastating. The Diet Mentality takes us out of our Authentic Selves: out of what we are feeling, thinking and needing. Instead, it puts the power in the hands of the weight loss centre, latest diet book author, our friends, family or media. We are blown about by the wind, constantly trying the next fad that comes along in an attempt to achieve that elusive goal of the “right” weight and thereby achieving happiness at long last.

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