Core beliefs from childhood aren’t the truth

Let’s take a good look at that old story of yours and what you are still telling yourself on a daily basis. 1. What does your Drill Sgt. say about you when you are being self-critical? 2. What names does the Drill Sgt. call you when you are angry and frustrated? 3. What were the words people in your life used to describe you when they were angry or disappointed in you? 4. What messages about yourself did you receive from your parents, other family members, and/or peers (these can be verbal and non-verbal)? Consider the above information. If you could capture the essence of your doubts about yourself in a single sentence: I am ____________________, what would it be? You may actually come up with a few sentences. Some common and very debilitating old beliefs which you may be carrying are: I am ugly. I am fat. I am stupid. I am worthless. I am undeserving. I am not good enough. I am not enough. I am unacceptable. I am unlovable. I am a burden. Allow yourself to be completely honest right now about what you truly believe at your core. Those old beliefs are only a child’s confused interpretation of the events going on around them. They were not true then, and they aren’t true now.

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