Contemplating compassion

Many of us have a hard time with the concept of offering ourselves compassion. It could be because we never received compassion growing up, or we had no positive role model for compassion. It could be that no matter how troubled our past, we feel that we are undeserving or wasting our time being compassionate toward ourselves; others have had it worse. There are many other reasons why we may resist compassion toward ourselves. Some of us may view self-compassion as a pity party and see it as a sure path to wallowing, depression, and complete powerlessness and victim-hood. Some of us may feel that we can only be motivated by criticism and pressure. Being compassionate and supportive toward ourselves is as though we are admitting defeat or inviting complacency. The truth is, if pressure or criticism worked for you as a motivational tactic, you would have achieved your goal ten times over by now.

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