Being Who You’ve Always Been

Hello out there! Michelle here. There’s a card I have had up in my bedroom for I don’t know how long and this morning as I was looking at it for the thousandth time I thought you might find it relevant as well. The quote is this: “She realized this transition was not about becoming someone new but about finally allowing herself to be who she’d always been.” Each of you has an amazing, talented, warm and loving presence inside of her. Perhaps you even let others see that side of you. If you’re using food to cope you can bet that you’re not allowing yourself to really recognize and embrace that amazing person who is you. You’re stifling her for all you’re worth. It’s her desire to express herself fully in the face of old beliefs you carry about your right to exist; to take up space; your deservedness of success and happiness and contentment; and of healthy, loving relationships, that makes you feel fragmented, fraudulent, inauthentic and anxious. And it is that anxiety that leads you to focus on food and body image in harmful ways and to miss out on all that you, and that life have to offer. What if you took a moment today and just got still and quiet and asked yourself, “What are the people/situations in my life currently where I feel I cannot be fully authentic – fully myself?” If you’re honest with yourself you will come up with a list of people and situations that currently trigger you to feel like you will be rejected and judged negatively if you say or do what really feels right for you. Now it’s time to take steps to develop the tools and awareness within yourself to create connections with those people/situations where you feel safe being fully authentic. As you begin on this path you will notice your focus on food and body image lessens and your sense of self strengthens, and your relationships with others become better than they’ve ever been. Being who you’ve always been is not a disastrous concept certain to ruin your precarious grasp on life. Being who you’ve always been will bring you a sense of strength and confidence, as sense of “being somebody” that no one can take away no matter how much they disagree with your choices or behaviours. I guarantee it! Love Michelle

Being Who You’ve Always Been

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