Your Authentic Self

The inner parent is responsible for raising and caring for your Authentic Self. The Authentic Self is the part of you which is alive and present. It houses your feelings, and only when you are aware of and connected with the Authentic Self in the present, can you fully feel your feelings and therefore fully feel alive. The Authentic Self could also be described as your intuition. Your Authentic Self is innocent, forgiving, and full of love. If your Authentic Self is being neglected or treated badly, you will feel distanced from your feelings – almost as though you are disconnected from yourself. When overwhelming situations force you to be aware of your feelings, you will feel unable to cope with the sadness, fear and loneliness which arise from your neglected Authentic Self. You will seek to distance yourself from your feelings and will turn to using coping strategies, such as overeating or bad body thoughts to take your mind off what is truly stressing you at that time.

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