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Trust in Yourself

Frequently, you will find that you resist being conscious about what you feel and think and need; yet, if you were just to check within, you would be able to identify quite clearly what is and isn’t working for you in that moment. If you resist being conscious, it is likely because your Drill Sgt. tells you that, if you are conscious, you must attend to whatever is going on now.

So you are scaring yourself out of consciousness with the threat that you must then take immediate action regardless of what is going on or how you feel about it. The fear of having to take action, once you become conscious, typically comes from one of two beliefs. 1. You believe that you don’t possess a tool which will work effectively, so it’s better to be “semi-conscious”. You can then pretend you didn’t know what was going on. You are certain failure will come. 2. And/or you believe that taking action to honour yourself or meet your need(s) will create such stress and strife in your relationship(s) that it’s just not worth it.

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