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3 CD Bundle3 CD Bundle3 CD Bundle   Bundle all three CDs for $59.99 plus taxes and shipping. {loadposition purchaseaudiobundle} Healthy Relationships: The patterns that we have learned about how to be in relationship with another person are often a key element in our use of food to cope. Those old harmful ways of thinking about relationships and our role in them frequently thwarts our recovery more than anything else. This doesn’t speak to your significant other necessarily, it may be colleagues, parents, kids, friends, the grocery store clerk etc. It doesn’t matter who it is. If you’re in the habit of looking outside of yourself for validation and approval of who you are and what you’re worth you will to some extent be stuck in the insecurity of “the external locus of control.” This is a very vulnerable place to be and it’s practically impossible not to use some behavioural coping strategy like food, alcohol, shopping, co-dependency etc. when you’re there. It’s impossible to feel safe and secure in your world when it is (or at least seems to be) ruled by everyone else; their moods; their whims and needs at the moment. This CD will give you tools to assess the relationship issues that may lead you to use food to cope and what specifically you can do to begin to think, feel and act differently in those situations to bring about healthier and more authentic connections with everyone in your life. If you just had a heart attack at the thought of authentic communication in your relationships with some key people in your life, this CD is a must have for you! Conquer those old patterns now before they get any deeper into your relationships. Authentic communication is actually much simpler than what you’re doing now and it creates much much much less distress within you and with others than some of your current communication patterns. Join Michelle Morand, for 60 minutes that can change the way you think, feel and act in your relationships forever. Natural Eating: This CD covers all the basics of why you use food to cope and what you can do to bring greater awareness and choice to your underlying triggers. If you are ready to challenge your existing patterns around food and begin to have a free and easy relationship with food this is the place to begin. Michelle Morand, Founder and Director of The CEDRIC Centre shares the basic principles of recovery from disordered eating and the diet mentality. With clear and simple information and tools you will immediately begin to understand and to change your stressful and undermining thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food. Compassion Is The Key: Compassion is often the key missing ingredient in our relationship with ourselves. As such we seek to motivate ourselves through criticism and fear which only serves to drive us back to food to cope. In order to truly be free from food as a coping strategy, regardless of whether you overeat, purge, or restrict; the first step is beginning to have empathy and compassion for yourself. No, that doesn’t mean anything like settling for where you are now. It means respecting and appreciating yourself enough to want to be the best you can be and live the life you were meant to live. Compassion is the key. In this CD, Michelle Morand, Founder and Director of The CEDRIC Centre will share key information on why you may resist self-compassion; why it is so important to your freedom from food to cope; and what you can begin to do today to gently, compassionately, and successfully begin to challenge your diet mentality once and for all!

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