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Thought Vibration: Chapter II

The Law of Attraction In the Thought World

William Walker Atkinson wrote a book in 1906 called “Thought Vibration or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World. He wrote over 100 books in his career and was widely respected as a leader of new thought and spirituality. His writing formed the theoretical basis for the hit movie The Secret and influenced many of its interviewees (Such as Jack Canfield and Joe Vitale). I’d like to share some quotes from each chapter with you over the next few weeks as it’s such an amazing little resource and the language with which he writes is so matter of fact it really appeals to the logical, rational, need the science behind the method part of my brain. I hope you like it. Michelle

Chapter II

“… thought waves … have the property of reproducing themselves… Just as a note of the violin will cause the thin glass to vibrate and ‘sing,’ so will a strong thought tend to awaken similar vibrations in minds attuned to receive it.”

“We are largely what we have thought ourselves into being,…”

“We generally see that for which we look.”

“The mind has many degrees of pitch, ranging from the highest positive note to the lowest negative note, with many notes in between, varying in pitch according to their respective distance from the positive or negative extreme.”

“…there are more negative thought vibrations in operation in our mental atmosphere. But, happily for us, this is counterbalanced by the fact that a positive thought is infinitely more powerful than a negative one, and if by force of will we raise ourselves to a higher mental key we can shut out the depressing thoughts and may take up the vibrations corresponding with our changed mental attitude.”

“There is no particular merit in affirmations of themselves, but they serve a twofold purpose:

(1) They tend to establish new mental attitudes within us and act wonderfully in the direction of character-building — the science of making ourselves over.

(2) They tend to raise the mental keynote so that we may get the benefit of the positive thought waves of others on the same plane of thought.”

“Do not allow yourselves to be affected by the adverse and negative thoughts of those around you. Rise to the upper chambers of your mental dwelling, and key yourself up to a strong pitch, away above the vibrations on the lower planes of thought. Then you will not only be immune to their negative vibrations but will be in touch with the great body of strong positive thought coming from those of your own plane of development.”

“Development of the will is very much like the development of a muscle — a matter of practice and gradual improvement.”

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