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I am so grateful that on my journey to living my authentic self, I have met you. I have to say Michelle, you are quite an inspiration for me and a constant reminder that if you can do, I can do it too. When you shared your story about your life journey so far, I felt like you were speaking about me. I know you weren’t, but it was easy to trust in an instant that you weren’t just speaking from only a technical or academic understanding during the course time. I knew you understood my beginning, where I’d like to get to…and the long road in between…not to mention all the effort and commitment it takes to do inner healing work. You have been there….done a lot of that. I sensed that far more than learned and practiced theory was going on in your speech and body language. You have experiental knowledge and together with your education, you have really provided a very inspiring and empowering course and also the same with your written material. There is really something wonderful to witness when someone who has succeeded in living their life more incredibly, more abundantly, more anything good…and then that person turns around to those who are still wanting to do that too, but who are uncertain how….and makes the choice to help them too….so beautiful to see. What a loving and giving soul you are!!! Highest good for all concerned….providing and bringing the means for others to be able to discover for themselves, the peace and joy that you have found along the way. Hugs to you!!!


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