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Rosa Erck

Taking the phase 3 workshop for the second time was a great experience for me. I had new realizations and learned new things, being further along in my recovery process. Michelle is such a great facilitator always making space for everyone to be heard in a respectful way. I can’t imagine a safer setting to work on such delicate and intimate issues. She assists in such a way that, whether you’re working through your own process or listening to others work through theirs, it’s an invaluable learning experience. Having the support and understanding of a group of people contending with such similar obstacles, has been revolutionary for me. It was amazing to find that I was not alone with an issue I had accepted as a lifelong struggle and that there was a healthy solution for me. Not only has this process helped me in healing from use of food to cope, it has made all aspects of my life better. I would recommend a workshop with Michelle to any human being on this planet! Thank you Michelle

Rosa Erck

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