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The need this group met for me was recognizing my own need for something (first of all, of course) recognizing that I do have this thing called ‘Needs’ and that I should try to meet them myself, first. By recognizing my needs, I can thus go forth on my way to meeting them. Bad coping will not meet them. I’ve prided myself on never needing anything from anyone, would rather go without help, than asking for it and that has separated me from my family. This was supposed to make me independent. It has not. One must meet their own needs whatever they may be, before helping someone meet their own. You CAN ask for help. You are under no obligation however to be meeting everyone’s needs, especially before your own. We all have needs and will have needs that are never met- but the healthy coping strategies that have been taught have armed me with the ability to meet my own hierarchy of needs by myself.


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