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I wanted to express how pleased I was to spend time doing Phase 2 because it was great to learn new tools, go deeper, and to find new ways I can progress in my healing.

It was also wonderful to really feel how far I have come – I mean, I knew I was happier but to actually talk about the process of going from the unmet needs to the behaviour I was able to see how often I actually easily and effortlessly attend to my needs or catch myself in the cycle earlier on.

I was also truly in awe of how compassionate and understanding you are – your abilities as a counsellor in a group setting are very impressive. It is inspiring to see how you balance everyone’s needs and learning and are truly able to see the “gaps” in their understanding and then able to reframe or restate the tool so the person is then able to understand it. I was watching you and your intuition in what a person can take and understand in their process is beautiful.

Thank you, as always, for everything you and your Centre have provided for me in my journey.


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