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I just finished reading your fascinating book: Food is not the Problem: Deal With What Is! For the past few weeks, I carried it with me in my bag so I could read it every chance I got.

Your written work allowed me to see my behaviours with new eyes. So many of the concepts touched a cord in me. I had tears when I read the description of one of your previous typical workday cycles on pages 101-103. Many of my days are exactly like that. In fact, almost all of them are…and they drain my energy.

A concept that filled me with great hope was that of Natural Eating. I know a few people who eat this way. I have always felt jealous of their “innate ability” to have such a free and easy relationship with food. I thought people were either “born” with the power, or not. I was relieved to discover that I could consciously change my relationship with food by learning new skills and dealing with demons. The ultimate goal is indeed a more peaceful existence around food and exercise. That is what I want for myself.


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