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causing this problem in the first place and also what was causing it to escalate in the last month. Within the first few chapters of the book, I started looking at what was causing me this uneasiness and it is the fact that I have always been a perfectionist because I have a constant desire to be accepted and am always looking for approval, therefore on the days when I felt I didn’t do well, or I had to deal with a lot of rejection, I started making up for it by eating yummy chocolaty chunk ice cream 🙂
I also thought that by always doing something, I was improving myself and working towards some crazy goal of being the perfect human being. Thank you for helping me to realize that I don’t have to fight so hard.. in the last few days I haven’t felt I need food to cope and have been a lot more at peace with myself. The battle is not over yet, but I’ve got a better grip on reality.


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