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The event that propelled me to actually acknowledge that something wasn’t right was traumatic and I wish it hadn’t happened. And yet I am so thankful that it did, and that in seeking some relief from the pain, your name and your work were mentioned.

The book, the tools, the opportunity to share experiences with others going through similar experiences, the bi-weekly calls, the handouts, the recordings of your calm voice; everything was fantastic and resonated so deeply with me. It was amazing to read the book and feel that it was written just for me! How did you do that?

My life is so different now. I am so much more open to others. So much braver in the risks I am willing to take and the situations I happily expose myself to. I am excited about the prospect of what lies ahead instead of feeling locked away in a self-made dungeon. I am in love with Yoga!
I am so grateful for everything that you have done for me. I hope that you will continue your wonderful work so that others may also benefit.


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