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I finally feel like there has been some hope injected into my life and dare to say…feel excited! I’ve always felt that my disordered thinking is a signal of things I need to work out and yet I judged myself for it harshly, not knowing how to use it as an opportunity.

The practical tools of The CEDRIC Method are so helpful on many levels: for relaxation; to help communicate with others; but most of all honoring my needs and who I am. It’s sad to say that the notion that I have ‘needs’ is somewhat earth shattering to me. I realize now that i have for so long tried to stuff down the thoughts and feelings that alert me to the fact that I have needs with food and trying to control my relationship with it.

Also, your compassionate and honest style of communication have been wonderful. It really shows your’e dedicated to helping others change and it’s even more inspiring to know that you can relate to many of the difficulties each of us face.


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