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Joanne L

Thank you so much for the tool of dialoging with my ‘inner family’. I absolutely love it! Just this afternoon I was brainstorming a strategy for my business and found my hand wandering over to the bag of chocolate covered pretzels left on my desk from lunch. After eating three or four I became aware that I was eating really quickly and was not physically hungry. Having had such concrete and swift success using the dialoging tool for other issues this week I grabbed my pad and decided to give it a try. With pen in hand and chocolate pretzel still in mouth I began. My Nurturing Parent (NP) tenderly checked in with my Authentic Self asking her what was up. It took less than eight lines on a small notepad for my AuthSelf to voice her concern and feel safe and grounded again. And voila! The chocolate pretzels immediately lost their appeal. There was not one ounce of willpower or external pressure required, I just really didn’t want, or more accurately, need them. With my anxiety soothed and my hunger previously satisfied I simply had no use for them.

Joanne L

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