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I wanted to thank you for sharing your grief, although I am so very sad for you, and to tell you how much it meant to me to know that you are able to live in the present and to even entertain the possibility that good things could and will come from your experience. It struck a cord with me that nothing I have heard or read so far has done, and I know that I will reread your words a million times. Your sharing of such a personal time in your life, and your ability to grow emotionally during this time, demonstrates to me that it can be done and also that looking towards the future is not the answer I thought it was. I think now that the answer is in the present and that accepting what is and not just pushing it away, or even just trying to live with it, is what I will embrace. In many ways I know I’ve heard and read this countless times, even from you, but this time your words just seemed to be the exact reflection of own emotions. I’d like to say if you can do it then so can I, and I see this as a real possibility. (I’d like to say I hope I can, but after reading about hope I don’t think that’s the way to go!)

My heartfelt thanks for this article and for continuing to include me in receiving The Genuine Article. I haven’t responded before but it is not because I don’t truly appreciate reading it every time it comes, because I do. I love to get it and it refocuses me in a healthy way that I tend to drift away from in between times. I think your articles are always extremely interesting and relevant to me and what’s happening in my life.


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