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Tina’s Journey- A New Horizon Slowly Coming Into View

A New Horizon Slowly Coming Into View I’m sitting in my car at the top of the Malahat (a local lookout) with a breath-taking view spread out in front of me. Below is a panorama that allows me an eagle eye view from the Gulf Islands on my left, to the US, way in the distance to the right. Behind me, as I write, hundreds of vehicles stream by, trucks with their brakes growling serenaded by the wind so that I can barely hear the slight whisper of a light rain on the sunroof. Clouds scud by overhead and the sun and rain compete with an incredible, fat, vivid rainbow for my attention. Rather than distracting me, however, this vista and the solitude of my warm, protected perch reclined comfortably on leather seats are helping me to focus on the current task at hand. (more…)

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