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Body Image – summer’s coming!

Body Imageby Michelle Morand

Hello out there in the CEDRIC community! Has spring sprung fully where you live? It definitely has here. There’s a quality of warmth to the air that is unique to this time of year; Something with an aftertaste of cool but not at all chilling, that allows me to relax and trust that the warm weather is finally here and that thus, I can begin the glorious task of setting aside the winter boots, coats, sweaters and warmer wear and explore the lighter shirts, pants, dresses, even…..dare I say it… shorts and tank tops.

Yes, I used to hate this time of year. I dreaded it, feared it, prayed to god that it wouldn’t come – some asteroid impacting the earth and leading to a short term ice age would have suited me just fine at that time in my life. Anything to stay bundled up and covered up from the myriad prying eyes that I believed were constantly assessing my frame for it’s acceptability and finding me excruciatingly lacking every time.

For me, this time of year represents rebirth… freedom… and expansion. I get excited at the thought of wearing less and of days at the beach with my son. The ability to engage with life without first having to wade through the heavy shroud of body image insecurities and food crap every moment of every day makes me feel like I’m living in heaven. I know I’m not the only one who experiences heaven on earth with the release of the use of food to cope. (more…)

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