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Maybe Evolution Has Moved Too Quickly?

It seems like evolution, whether at the motivation (conscious or otherwise) of some more sentient, omnipotent being, or exclusively through some natural selection process, has brought us to a place of consciousness of our separation and individual responsibility faster than we are able to comfortably and confidently step into the role of responsible individualism. I believe strongly that this theory is evidenced by the multitude of behavioural and thought processes that humans engage in, on a daily basis, whose sole purpose is to distance ourselves from this present moment and from the reality of separation and individual responsibility combined with complete interdependence on others. (more…)

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Review Time – Overcoming Your Problems With Food

Overcoming Your Problems With FoodThis week’s article is a brief review of one of the most important, fundamental, basic concepts in the entire recovery process. The faster you grasp this the faster your process goes. It’s that simple. When we work with clients, whether individually, on the phone or in person, at workshops, and through our amazing, interactive web program that help you with overcoming your problems with food, we always repeat this point, and repeat it and repeat it. It is key! Write it out, paste it to your mirror, your fridge, and your forehead! You might get some strange looks, but in a week you will be so much farther ahead in your own healing and your self-esteem will be so much greater, you won’t care! (more…)

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