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Recovery Overview and ‘Check Your Tone’ Review

Check Your ToneHello out there! Last week I invited you to explore a key piece of reconnaissance. The assignment was as follows: Notice the different tone in your voice at different times, with different people, and around different topics. Please review last week’s article if you missed it and give it a try this week, it will help immensely in your recovery. If you gave the homework a go you likely noticed that your tone and body language changed radically depending on who you were talking to and where and what topic you were covering. Some adjustment of tone is appropriate given the topic and the location and the person. Ie. It wouldn’t be appropriate to speak to the bank teller in the same intimate tone that we use for our partner in a tender moment. At least not in most cultures that I know of. This of course is not to say that we can’t feel love in our heart for everyone we meet and be warm and caring towards them. It is stating though that our emotions naturally come through in our tone. (more…)

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