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Students Saving Up Calories for Drinking

CEDRIC Centre Counsellor, Dawn Cox, M.Ed, RCC, was asked to comment on this trend of students saving up calories for drinking. Students saving up calories for drinkingWhen asked to comment on a trend noticed in schools where students are saving up part of their daily caloric  allowance  so that they can drink alcohol or beer, CEDRIC Specialist, Dawn Cox, M.Ed., RCC noted: “Coping with food (by using either binging or restricting behavioural patterns) and coping with alcohol are both strategies intended to relieve a sense of overwhelming stress in one’s life. If a student perceives that they will feel better in some way by partying (letting loose, social acceptance and bonding) and also by ensuring they stay slim (bolstered by a belief that they will be more likable if they are slim) then it is no surprise that one might turn to this extreme strategy of saving their calories for alcohol. (more…)

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