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How Do I Let Go of the Guilt for Eating That?! Natural Eating 101 Q&A

This week we’re continuing our fantabulous exploration of Natural Eating troubleshooting with an answer to the question: “How do I “not feel guilty” for eating something when I’ve been telling myself/or others have been telling me for years that certain foods are just plain bad or that they’ll make me fat?” First of all, when it comes to food, the most important thing we can do is to come back to Natural Eating basics whenever we feel anxious or unsettled around food, or feel drawn to eat when we aren’t hungry. (more…)

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Natural Eating 101: Q&A: How Do I Know When I Am Full?

How do I know when I am fullI hope you enjoyed the first instalment of the Natural Eating Q&A last week. As I mentioned in that article, I’m going to spend the next few weeks answering some questions that I often hear clients asking regarding natural eating. Continuing on with the list of common questions that I posted in last week’s article, this week I’m going to address the question: How do I know when I’m full? For those of you who have been overeating to cope with stressful life situations and anxious thinking or depressed moods, it is quite possible that you have come to associate a feeling of over-full, or absolutely stuffed, with being full. It is important to learn to discern the difference between comfortable, appropriate levels of fullness and downright stuffed. (more…)

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Natural Eating 101 Week 4: The True Culprit: Learned Helplessness

learned helplessnessIt’s funny how much correspondence I will get about a general discussion topic but how little I will get from an email article that has anything whatsoever to do with topics like goal setting or learned helplessness. You know what I mean. It’s great to read and get ideas and to feel like someone else knows where you’re at and that there is hope for you to heal and be completely free of food and body image stress; the coping strategies of emotional eating, restriction (anorexia), or binging (binge eating disorder), or purging (bulimia) and the underlying co-dependent training and all-or-nothing thinking that trigger you to feel the need to do those things. That’s what we all want: a life that is free from self-harm and self-loathing and chronic anxiety and insecurity. And that’s what you can get from The CEDRIC Method and from working through these articles. (more…)

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Natural Eating 101: Week 3 How to Know if it’s Working

natural eatingSo! 2 weeks ago we looked at The Diet Mentality in detail. Last week, we looked at the definition and characteristics of Natural Eating. This week, I’m going to be brief. Really, I am! What happened with your answers to the questions about your goals and your definitions of success from last week? Did you take the time to answer those questions and really get clear on what you would consider a successful outcome of our work together? I hope so. (more…)

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Natural Eating 101: Week 2 Natural Eating Defined

Natural Eating DefinedWell hullooooo out there!  It’s week 2 of our Natural Eating series and about time we fully looked at natural eating defined. Last week, we explored the antithesis or maybe we could even say, “the nemesis” of Natural eating…..(insert ominous theme music here….): The Diet Mentality. This nasty way of thinking turns you against your body and against yourself, and sets you on a vicious cycle of diminished self-esteem and increased self-harm and loathing.  It’s got to go people!! But if you’re reading this then you’re already on it! (more…)

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Natural Eating 101: Week 1 The Diet Mentality

The Diet MentalityWelcome. This is the first article in a series entitled Natural Eating 101 where we will focus on the diet mentality. Natural eating refers to an easy and peaceful relationship with food where you simply eat when you’re physically hungry, stop when you’re comfortably full, make honoring choices about what you eat overall, and have any food in moderation. No guilt. No shame. No sneaking, hiding, binging, restricting, purging. When you eat naturally, your body comes to its natural weight without rigorous exercise programs and without dieting or restricting. And it stays there. (more…)

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Ask a Question, Identify a Need

Challenge yourself to ask yourself, once a day, “Am I using food to cope?” (i.e. Am I wanting to eat when I’m not hungry? Am I not allowing myself to eat when I know my body needs nourishing?). If the answer is yes, ask yourself “Would I be willing to take a moment right now and identify what might be going on in my life to trigger me to use food to cope?” Is there any part of you that’s a little scared of being in the position to truly choose not to use food to cope? If so, write down your objection and look for the all-or-nothing thinking in the story you are telling yourself about what will happen if you overcome your resistance to looking deeper than food and body image.

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Body Image and Natural Eating Q & A

Original Owner - D Sharon PruittQ … I loathe looking in the mirror, gross out at changing my clothes. Can’t stand being around people. Hate even being touched! My eating disorder looms, waiting to pounce at any given moment. I think I’m calm but then the moment I walk in the door (usually after work), I binge on whatever I see even though I’m not hungry!!! I have been trying ‘natural eating’ and hate it. Instead of having an easy & calm relationship with food, I spiral into extremes. Without food ‘rules’ I rebelliously indulge in foods just to prove that I am free. I end up eating food that makes my PLA rise to a 10 on my stress scale. I know my diet mentality is controlling me and I guess I just don’t believe I will be ‘slim’ eating this way. I am unmotivated and depressed. I feel trapped inside my room looking out on everyone living life normally but I just cannot join in. Too scary! I am back to the beginning again and wonder if I’ve made any progress at all! Sorry to be such a downer. This has taken everything in me just to express this much. But I am drowning and have nowhere else to express it. The people closest to me don’t ‘get it’ and just want the nice me. Can’t give it to them and I feel horrible. I’m supposed to be together right? I’m a mom and a wife and have a respectable job and even teach Sunday school…. but I just want to scream swear words at everyone, especially my Drill Sergeant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (more…)

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A Note on Jealousy and Insecurity

Jealousy and InsecurityOne of the most obvious forms of all-or-nothing thinking that we humans engage in is a little thing we call the green-eyed monster, a.k.a. good, old-fashioned jealousy. On the surface jealousy appears to be a simple thought, one that has you wanting something or someone that someone else “has”. But that thought has very deep roots and is itself rampant with all-or-nothing thinking which only makes you feel stuck, hopeless, and diminished. Anger is a response to a threat. We only ever feel angry when we truly feel sad and scared about something. Jealousy has a strong element of anger, a sense of judgement and injustice that belies our underlying fear and sadness. And why are we sad and scared? Well because when we’re aware of feeling jealous of someone it means we must have had the following thought just a second before: “They” have something you not only want but believe you “should” have, and by virtue of “Them” having that thing, you are less likely to have it yourself, and not having that thing makes you less valuable, less worthy than they are. Therefore, your worth / okay-ness as a person is dependent on that person. (more…)

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Stopping the Eating Disorder Triggers

eating disorder triggersFor this week’s article I’m happy to respond to a question from a telephone client on the Eastern Seaboard about stopping eating disorder triggers. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s relevant to anyone at any stage of the journey to complete freedom from food and body image stress, whether you have an eating disorder or just feel that food focus takes up more time and energy than you’d like. Question: “One minute after our talk, which I found extremely insightful as I always do, I walked out of office and into my cubicle to have my lunch.  I had ordered egg salad on a wrap and fruit.  I was ready to eat until full and, if I wanted, to finish rest later if I got hungry.  I’ve really been working hard on trying to listen to my body cues. (more…)

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