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Commitments and Balance

juggleCommitments and Balance “Don’t make commitments you can’t keep….and still live a balanced life.” mm Perhaps you’re wondering why I added that little bit on the end there? Well, since you asked… Most people will agree that the definition of Integrity is somewhere along the lines of “doing what you say you will” or “words and actions in alignment.” I concur with these definitions. But there is a very important piece of the puzzle missing, or inferred: Integrity = Do what you say you will as long as it doesn’t harm you. In order to be living from this definition of integrity you have to
  1. Be well aware of what you’re feeling and needing and
  2. Be well aware of your deservedness to take care of yourself first and foremost.
No, that is not selfish, it is self-loving. It is necessary as a fundamental framework in your life to honor your commitments to yourself first and foremost. (more…)

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