Self-Respect in Relationships

Our responsibility in relationships with others is to honor our values and principles and to communicate clearly and respectfully. If it seems someone is upset with us, our responsibility is to check in with ourselves as to whether we can identify something we did/said that compromised our values and principles in this relationship, and if we can’t identify any such action within 10 seconds of introspection, we must trust that our intention was good and that any action on our part that “hurt” someone else was either nothing to do with us at all or an unconscious oversight on our part, i.e. an accident, a mistake, and we must forgive ourselves and are entitled to forgiveness from others.
A healthy interdependent person will offer empathy and compassion, trusting themselves to set clear boundaries about what they need and thus be able to communicate clearly and respectfully about what isn’t feeling okay to them without shame, blame, or rejection.
Values, principles and best intention = Integrity = Peace

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