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Welcome to the CEDRIC Centre’s ‘Food is Not the Problem, Online Program!’

I’m your host, Michelle Morand and I want to thank you for purchasing our program. You have purchased one full year and as such will immediately have access to all courses and resources (once we’ve validated your membership). First off, congratulations on this investment in your mental, physical and emotional health! If you’re anything like me, you’ve already tried a whack of things to gain control and confidence in your relationship with food and in the world at large. It takes courage to keep on trying. I’m just so glad you’re here because now you will understand why those things didn’t work; stop beating yourself up; and start to see obvious change in how you feel and how you think and experience the world. You’ll see right away from our group discussions how much this program has helped others and how much it can help you. Just dig in, ask questions, let us support you and know that you will succeed in finding peace with food and a healthy, attractive, natural weight for your body! This email will provide you with some details for logging in and accessing all that the program has to offer. Please follow the steps below to login and we’ll validate your membership asap. Then enter the course codes as listed and you’ll immediately have access to all of the lessons and resource materials, teleclasses, and discussions that will help you to experience true, lasting freedom from your stressful relationship with food. Please note: Your full enrollment requires us to click a button on our end, so when you enter the program you may get a message stating that you will not be fully enrolled until your request is accepted. If you are registering during regular business hours we will do our part immediately. If it is after regular business hours 9 am – 9pm Pacific Standard Time, we will fully enroll you first thing the next day. Make a note of the CEDRIC Centre main number and email and call or email us anytime if you have questions @ 866-383-0797 To enter the program, follow the steps below.
  1. Go to
  1. Here you can enter whatever name you wish to use in the program but please note, where it asks you for your user name or email you must enter an email or for some unknown reason the program won’t let you back in. So, when prompted to enter a user name or email enter your email (which will remain private except to our administrator). It must be a valid email or the program won’t allow entry.
  1. Use the access code: 4SP93-9FPQ3 – This code will grant you access into the main course page. (From here on in, whenever you want to access the program you can simply go to and click on the ‘members’ button on our home page. It will take you to the login page directly where you can enter your user name and password, of set up your computer to load the info automatically.)
  1. Once you’ve entered this information it is our job to accept your membership request. We will do our part immediately if you are registering during regular business hours, otherwise, first thing tomorrow morning. I apologize for the delay but trust you appreciate that this step ensures your privacy in the program.
  1. You will receive a notice in your email that your membership has been approved.
  1. Then, go to click on ‘members’ and enter the program and set up your personal profile. (Once in Schoology, click on your name in the upper right hand corner to do this.)
  1. Once you’ve done that, click on ‘Home’ to see the latest news and updates.
  1. Then click on ‘Courses’ in the black ribbon above. In the drop down box, click on ‘Join’ and then you can copy and paste the following access codes to access each program segment: (You’ll only need to enter these codes once.)
1. C44X5-VG2ST 2. NR9QM-6B5GK 3. 226SQ-98G3J 4. 98N5S-FX422 5. JT55G-BZTKT 6. V45F3-3RXR5 7. WJHC9-V8D87 8. V457R-KCHTZ 9. 9KQZT-M82N5 Below is a little information for you on what you’ll find in the program and where to find it. Again, welcome!! I’m glad you’re here. The course materials such as book chapters, audio programs, video workshops, and workbook segments are naturally dispensed with the weekly lessons that they correspond to. This will make it much easier for you to just focus on one topic at a time and explore it through whatever media (book/cd/video) works best for your learning style. To access lessons and the course materials just click on ‘Courses,’ then click on the section that you want to explore and scroll down and you’ll see all that that lesson contains. (Please note, for monthly subscribers you’ll have access to the first section this month, the second section next month etc.) Teleclasses: To listen to past teleclasses and to find the teleclass schedule for the year and call in details, click on ‘Groups’ in the black ribbon, then click on ‘Food Is Not The Problem.’ You’ll see a menu on the left hand side of the screen. Click on ‘Resources’ and you’ll find the teleclass details there. Group Discussions/Forums: Click on ‘Groups’ in the black ribbon at the top of your screen and then in the left column and click on ‘Discussions.’ This is where our group discussions take place. You’ll find archived discussions on a variety of topics and you’ll see which topics are being discussed currently. Feel free to post your own new discussion topic (don’t worry if we’ve already talked about it – there is great benefit to exploring topics in different ways and with new people, so just ask your question or share your comment) or simply read along as others share back and forth. Our discussion forum is a safe and positive environment for exploring our frustrations with life and with ourselves as we are learning. You’ll see what I mean when you get there. Have fun exploring! And remember, life is for learning. No one here expects you to be perfect or to know all there is to know about anything. So let it be okay to share, ask questions and receive support and caring. That’s what we’re here for! I look forward to working with you and to getting to know you over the months to come. Love Michelle
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