Natural Eating vs Diet Mentality

Natural Eating is a term which describes the simple and easy relationship with food. You eat when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re full. It’s that simple. This is the basis for a natural relationship with food. Most natural eaters feel drawn to make honouring choices, choices that are in alignment with their overall life goals and passions. But whatever they choose to eat, natural eaters do not think about it much at all. They certainly do not carry guilt and shame, not do they fear the judgment of others around what they have eaten or what they would like to eat. Those of us fueled by the Diet Mentality are so busy fretting and worrying over what to eat and how much, and letting those decisions be dictated by external forces, that it really is amazing to us to see someone who knows within themselves when they’re hungry and when they’ve had enough. But we can learn to be like them! We can learn to tune into the signals from our body about its level of hunger and fullness and we can come to a place of truly respecting ourselves so well that we won’t eat a lot of foods which make us feel sluggish, bloated, or headachy.

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  1. Jan Horwood January 30, 2011

    Hi Michelle,

    It is amazing to think that the state of freedom from obsessive thoughts about food and eating and body size and all the rest of it, could actually be in my future.

    Those words “sluggish, bloated and headachy” resonate so much with me! The worse I’ve felt, the more incapable of change I’ve been. Each day now, I’m trying to start a positive cycle with at least one or more choices that are actually nourishing.

    With gratitude,


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