Mini Workshops - Webinars & Teleclasses

Teleclasses with Michelle Morand and anyone who wants to join.

These mini-workshops highlight key segments of our 3-day Transformative Weekend Workshop, and also sometimes go where participant questions lead the discussions.  You are welcome to ask a question or just sit back and listen.

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All our Pre-Recorded Teleclasses are $7.95 (plus tax) ~Eating Disorders – ‘Stepping free of the Diet Mentality’~ 1 hr teleclass in which Michelle covers ‘how to shake off The Diet Mentality’.  She clearly defines Natural Eating and discusses how you can begin to live it!’
_______________________________________________________ ~’The First Step to freedom from  Binging, Purging and Restricting and How to Stop’~  In this 1 hr teleclass Michelle reviews ‘How stress triggers you to restrict or binge and what you can begin to do to get rid of some stress in your life and simultaneously trust in your ability to cope with stress without food’.
_______________________________________________________ ~’Food and the Holidays’~ In this call we discussed how the triple whammy of: Change in routine; Increased expectation of social connection; and Abundance of food can send us off the rails, increase our stress exponentially and lead us to take a big step back in our efforts to have a healthy and balanced relationship with food.   You’ll come away with some simple concrete strategies to sidestep the holiday struggle and actually enjoy yourself, whatever you do.

So join us if you’re ready to stop stressing and start living, here’s what you’ve been missing!  Contact Janice at 866-383-0797 and put your name on our waiting list to be notified when Michelle conducts the next live telelclass.