Maybe Evolution Has Moved Too Quickly?

It seems like evolution, whether at the motivation (conscious or otherwise) of some more sentient, omnipotent being, or exclusively through some natural selection process, has brought us to a place of consciousness of our separation and individual responsibility faster than we are able to comfortably and confidently step into the role of responsible individualism. I believe strongly that this theory is evidenced by the multitude of behavioural and thought processes that humans engage in, on a daily basis, whose sole purpose is to distance ourselves from this present moment and from the reality of separation and individual responsibility combined with complete interdependence on others. Coping strategies such as: Alcohol, drugs, food obsession, anorexia, bulimia, overeating, body image obsession, sexual addiction, relationship addiction, co-dependency, shopaholism, workaholism, mindless television, isolation, avoidance, withdrawal (silent treatment) procrastination, blame, raging, physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, passive-aggressive behaviours, paranoid ideation, suicidal ideation, intrusive ideation, self-criticism, self-blame, self-shame, loathing and disgust,…and those are just some of the harmful ones. What about the more life-enhancing ones such as guided visualization, exercise, travel, planning a family, planning a wedding? What if all of these foci are simply our creative way of staying as far away from the ‘here and now’ as humanly possible because the here and now contains the inescapable awareness of our own fundamental responsibility for our own lives – the death of the fantasy of rescue from this immediate problem (whatever it might be) by family, by mate, by government, by God. That is what the present moment contains. The recognition, as that good old motto says, that “If it’s to be, it’s up to me,” can overwhelm most humans who don’t feel at all competent or capable of making sound decisions and of resolving outstanding issues. If, as a society, we have never been shown how to celebrate our independence and our unique responsibility for the quality of our own lives; if instead we have had religious leaders, government leaders, doctors, parents and other people in positions of power, constantly reinforce the message that they know best; that life is far too dangerous and deep to be left up to the average human to figure out; that success is finding the perfect balance of unconsciousness while still appearing relatively conscious: not hard to do when no one else is really watching; when no one else really cares about our level of consciousness because they’re so preoccupied with being tuned out but appearing present themselves. But what if, as a race, we could be shown how to step fully into responsibility for our own lives and to see the interconnectedness of all things, not as a license to default responsibility to everyone else but as further accountability to strive to be the best we can be; the most conscious, aware, self-caring humans we can be, because in so doing, we naturally have the consciousness to see how our choices affect those around us and the world at large and, rather than being predominantly overwhelmed by this awareness, we see it as the answer to life’s big question: What is my purpose? Why am I here? You are here to be the most conscious, self-responsible being you can be and to bring your consciousness to the people in your life and to the world at large. You are here to work to create the most respectful and loving global society possible. That is how you will benefit most from your experience on this planet and how society as a whole will benefit most from having you here. Your ownership of your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours is the first step. Your ability to demonstrate respect and compassion for yourself is the foundation for your ability to self-actualize and bring your full potential to the world. Your commitment to not using any of the harmful coping strategies that humanity has devised to numb themselves (overeating, restricting, purging, drinking, smoking, avoiding …) is a fundamental step on the path to you realizing your life’s purpose. What you do for a living, how many kids you do or don’t have, where you live, etc., is irrelevant if you’re not conscious as you do those things and bringing yourself fully into your life and into the world. Ask yourself – what prevents me from feeling safe being fully conscious, fully present in the world every moment of every day?  Find out what stories you’re carrying that keep you stuck in a half-life. Whatever your answers are, those stories and experiences can be completely healed and left behind for good so that you can truly feel safe and free to be the most beautiful, open-hearted, grounded, passionate and intelligent being you can be. That’s when life really shines and that’s when you are living the answer to life’s greatest question: Why am I here? If you’d like to feel safe bringing more of yourself to your life and to the world at large, the process is simple, and we are here to show you how. Love The CEDRIC Centre - Michelle Morand Whether you prefer one-on-one counselling (in-person, by phone, or email), our intensive and transformative workshops, the self-help approach, with the book, or our Food is Not the Problem Online Membership Program, take action today to have a stress-free relationship with food. Sign up for our free newsletter today (see the left top side of your screen). 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