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This weekend workshop honestly works! Coming from the darkest place I’ve ever been and believing it was the end for me, I finally see the light! Amy Cheema

Dear Michelle

I finally feel like there has been some hope injected into my life and dare to say…feel excited! I’ve always felt that my disordered thinking is a signal of things I need to work out and yet I judged myself for it harshly, not knowing how to use it as an opportunity.

The practical tools of The CEDRIC Method are so helpful on many levels: for relaxation; to help communicate with others; but most of all honoring my needs and who I am. It’s sad to say that the notion that I have ‘needs’ is somewhat earth shattering to me. I realize now that i have for so long tried to stuff down the thoughts and feelings that alert me to the fact that I have needs with food and trying to control my relationship with it.

Also, your compassionate and honest style of communication have been wonderful. It really shows your’e dedicated to helping others change and it’s even more inspiring to know that you can relate to many of the difficulties each of us face.  Kristy


Thank you so much for this weekend. It was everything I hoped for and more.  I felt safe and supported, and feel I really had some help with the most important issues and stressors in my life right now. You did this with care, compassion and non-judgement.

The things I have learned this weekend have made so many pieces of the puzzle come together for me already. I feel so much more love, understanding, and empathy for myself than before I came.

I feel hope. That I have been taught some things that will really help me in my recovery. Now I get to process and apply and practice these skills. I feel excited. I am a person who feels safer/better when I have a plan in place. And now I feel I have been given a blueprint for recovery. I intend to do all I can to follow the steps and do whatever it takes to recover and be the best that I can be. Thank you for everything! Steffanie.

Hi Michelle, I found the weekend incredibly helpful. I already feel calmer, and like I have freedom from the incessant chatter in my head. Of course I also feel much more hopeful about letting go of coping with food, but it feels like I got so much more out of this weekend that that part of it will be a pleasant side-effect.

I thought you were a great facilitator. You made me feel comfortable and it was great to have you there to push through the difficult parts and go a little deeper. I appreciated hearing your insights and experiences.   This is definitely a workshop I would recommend. Sincerely, Alisha.

Dear Michelle, The weekend was so informative and eye-opening. I saw a new way of dealing with myself that will help me deal with years of beating myself up and putting other’s needs ahead of my own. It really isn’t about the food!!  That was a big light coming on in the darkness. I look forward to feeling better and better as I put the things I learned this weekend into practice.  L.

Dear Michelle, I am very happy that I made the decision to come here. I have learned many things that will be very beneficial towards my recovery. I am excited about going out into the world and trying it out. I feel very hopeful about the future.

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I found your approach Michelle and how you interacted with us to be patient, respectful and kind. I also liked the small group setting and felt very comfortable over the 3 days here. I also appreciated how you responded to my sharing and that of the other members, very supportive and genuine.   Anonymous

Dear Michelle, ‘I would like u to know that I have come away from this past week with a sense of calm and peace I haven’t had my whole life. Internally I feel transformed.  And I trust that the nutrition side of things will follow in good order.

The information u have Imparted to me will be invaluable even if u had to extend me “tough love” here and there:) I feel u embody all the u write about and teach us…u practice what u preach even in some difficult dialogues.  Thank u for your patience, wisdom and understanding….u r a gift!  Hope u have a wonderful day Michelle:),  Melissa
Ps I am smiling’

Dear Michelle, I  met my objectives for the weekend (having a plan for moving forward and feeling brave enough to do it, and knowing what to do if the plan wasn’t working), so that is great.

My big aha moment came Saturday morning when we were working through my resistance to asserting myself and how the reason was because I want someone else to take care of things for me because that means they love me, and if I have to take care of things myself then that means nobody loves me.

It’s something I sort of already knew about myself but to find it so directly related to the resistance made it obvious how much of an effect it was having.  It’s funny too how being aware of it as an issue doesn’t solve it (i.e., the need/desire to be taken care of is still there), but having a reason for why I find it so hard to assert myself takes all the loadedness and nebulous anxiety out of it.

I can understand now why I’ve found it so hard to do things, instead of thinking I was lazy or a great big chicken or pathetic.  So most of the anxiety I was feeling about how on earth would I be able to move on with my life is gone now, which feels really good.  Your advice re using the DS dialogue or LOS tool for when I’m not doing things I need to do be living with integrity was also helpful – it hadn’t occurred to me to use them in specific situations like that.  Thank you! Anne

Hi Michelle, I just wanted to thank you for the incredible weekend.  It is amazing to look back and realize all that was covered.  I’m just going over my notes and exercises from the weekend, and getting a sense of what I have uncovered and realized about myself.  I slept in today, and have taken the day off to be gentle and quiet.

I just did a DS dialogue about what I brought up about my septic.  It was VERY hard to talk about it.  My DS is telling me it was too much, I made myself too vulnerable, revealed too much.  I am scared!  But I have come to the fact, that I really needed to hear what you told me.. and I needed to hear it that weekend, not next week. I appreciated your feedback
You are an amazing facilitator.  And teacher.  I am so blessed and grateful to have found you.
Thank you for your help. Steffanie

Dear Michelle, This weekend was absolutely amazing. I finally have some real, solid hope that I can and will get through this crap (the past 15 years of my life….or my whole life I guess…)

I can finally quiet my mind and really turn off those negative thoughts.  I’ve learned so much. There was so much I didn’t know I didn’t know!

I am so glad I came and look forward to more time together. Also looking forward to saying “I’m healthy, no laxatives, no binging, no purging, no restricting, no smoking, and best of all, no guilt!

Hi Michelle, Thanks so much, for the great handouts! I want to make a few copies and keep them in a few places as I will need their guidance.  So far so good.  It is a bit freaky to see how little food I actually need to be satisfied.    I am very glad I came to the workshop, everything covered made a lot of sense to me and I did not think it could be so straightforward.  I feel a sense of relief and hope.  Keep up your good work.  Karen

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Dear Michelle, Thoughts on the weekend: There are so many reasons I thought this weekend was amazing.
First, it was so nice to be in a room full of people who completely understand my issues. I often feel that having an eating disorder makes me feel very lonely, as few (if any) key people in my life truly understand what I’m going through. To be around others who are in the same boat as me was so comforting, and I found myself more trusting with them after a few hours than with some people I’ve known for years.

The second thing I thought was great was hearing stories others were telling themselves that resonated with me. It helped me to realize that I had anxiety and issues around things I was completely unaware of before, things I may not have thought of on my own. To hear other women express a stressor for them, realize it occurs in my life as well, and seeing it being worked out before my eyes was a great learning experience.

Thirdly, and most important for me- This weekend definitely pushed me closer to dropping the diet mentality and really starting to believe that natural eating without my crazy binges and restrictions will work for me. I came into this weekend knowing natural eating is what I should be doing, but still having a part of me wanting to restrict my food for a while longer. Even after a few hour period where I tuned out and decided to forget about natural eating, I was able to bring myself back to the present and trust in natural eating again.

An added bonus that I wasn’t expecting was all the great people I met. I had a fun time with some of the girls this weekend, and found some of them to be so open and supportive and just enjoyable to be around. We all exchanged e-mails and numbers and some of us even made plans to meet up later this week to hang out… so for me, who’s been feeling a little discouraged because of how my friends from the past have dispersed, I was super stoked to have connections with some of the other girls.

For the second part- whether what I came to this workshop to achieve was fulfilled- YES! I came hoping to be less resistant to natural eating and more motivated to drop the diet mentality. I already believed that natural eating would work for me, my problem was that I didn’t think it would work fast enough. The combination of the drill sergeant talk, the list of stressors, and allowing myself to acknowledge that restriction really has not worked for me in the past had me leave the workshop feeling ready to  dedicate myself to trying natural eating. I also feel I might be less punishing to myself if I do slip up for the next while, and I think I can give myself the space to make mistakes for a while, as this is a new process for me. I plan to stop counting the calories, toss out the scale, and stop making unrealistic deadlines where I have to be a certain weight in a certain period of time.

OVERALL! Sorry for the essay, the English teacher in me always comes out when I write. I had my doubts about this weekend, and I was nervous. I am SO glad that I came, I think it was worthwhile in every way. I can’t praise you enough for the effect you have on people- your warmth and honesty and compassion always makes me feel more hopeful and at peace. THANKS! YOU’RE THE BEST!  Sam

I can’t help but write to say how incredibly calm I am feeling this morning.  I have stretched (YES! I Did!!!); checked in with my thinking (as my brain tried to go to the future); chosen foods I like  when I felt hungry and feel very peaceful as I work on clients.   WOW!  This feels so damn good … I am putting the tools into practice and will continue to do so.

People come into our lives for a reason and when we need them.  I so look forward to the journey with you being a part of it.  Thank you ~  from the bottom ~ of my heart Michelle.

Dear Michelle,  I can honestly say that since the workshop, I have not used food to cope ONCE!  It is quite a strange feeling, and I’m still kind of getting used to it.  I’, not sure exactly what “clicked” but it is the coolest thing…. when I’m hungry now, I am actually finding myself wanting to eat foods that will give me more energy and make me feel good.  The thought of something heavy like a cheeseburger just kind of doesn’t sit right, and I find I’m choosing lighter and healthier options.  I’m not dieting, and I’ve given myself permission to eat whatever I want, but it’s interesting that I’m not wanting the crap.

The odd time I find myself having a thought about something that would have, in the past, triggered a binge, but I just kind of go through the thought, and I realize that bingeing would just make me feel gross.

So….. THANK YOU!  To you and all the wonderful ladies form the weekend.  It was just what I needed.  ((Hugs))Amy

Hi Michelle, Thank you again for the workshop last weekend. Since then I feel so much more in control and I had No binge for a week now  I seem to do well with the Drill Sgt. dialogue and the breathing exercise, I just hope I am not avoiding the list of stressors, but so far, I did not feel the need to use it. You are welcome to give me feedback or if you think, there is some avoidance going on.

I am amazed how little food (for me this is) I eat since being more at ease with food and I do not freak out anymore when I have lunches or dinners to attend. I wish I had done your workshop years ago!

Thank you so much! For the first time in years I feel like I have some control over my life  Talk to you soon  Michaela

Hello Michelle, I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for facilitating such a transformative weekend.  I learned so much from you and feel so empowered by the skills you taught.  Recovery is in my grasp and I am so excited to continue to grow!  Thanks again.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.  Enjoy the sunshine this weekend! -another Michelle’

Hi Michelle, I just finished reading your article “The Way We Were”.  VERY insiteful.  It really hit home for me and I realize I have the power in my own life to break free of the old thoughts and patterns that I learned from my family.  I can choose to think differently than them and it is ok.  I am not bad or wrong.

Also, I have wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the Weekend Workshop with Sarah.  I am feeling emotional as I write this.  I felt so completely loved and accepted.  I could identify with many of the women in the group.  I had such a wonderful, mindful weekend.  I felt at peace with myself and realized I can trust myself to make choices that are best for me.  It is okay for me to be alone and in my skin.  It was very helpful for me to have spent the whole weekend alone to learn to listen and trust myself.  I found I actually did like myself!

A part of me wants to go back there and live there every day!  It was one of the best weekends of my life.

I just wanted you to know that it was so worth my time and money.  I also had a close friend comment to me on Friday that I looked wonderful, so relaxed and happy.   So, thank you. R.S.

Hi Michelle, Thank-you sooooooooooooooo much for the workshop this weekend.  You are so wonderful!   I actually now really believe I can get better. Further to that I am also willing to look at the fact that this may (probably not) not happen overnight, but that my inability to look at anything other than perfect recovery was certainly an insurmountable hurdle in trying to find any recovery at all.  Again, just part of my drill sergeant all-or-nothing thinking.   Thank you!! L.B.

The workshop was amazing and you are a truly wonderful and knowledgeable woman.

I am so excited to use my new tools and you have given me so much insight! Change is a scary road for me but you have taught me that it can be gradual and a huge learning experience. Every bit of effort counts, right?

I think you should definitely give yourself a pat on the back, and treat yourself to spa days very frequently. I feel honoured and blessed to have you as a support.” – Jocelyn

I really appreciate hearing from others in a group setting. I got far more than I expected out of the workshop re: self-discovery, real workable tools.

I DO NOT feel left hanging- like there is something that is not being addressed or that I have not been given all the pieces, to be effective or effectively make changes.

I did not feel rushed. I did not feel like I was treated harshly. I noticed that everyone was given what they needed as far as one on one time with you.

I honestly could not suggest one single thing that would have made my weekend here more complete or satisfying.

I thank you from my heart that I had this opportunity.” – Arden

Dear Michelle, Since I’d already read about the tools in the book, it was good to see them applied in real-life situations and to have your guidance to work through them. I learned so much from the other ladies there.

It was amazing to be able to talk openly about what we do with food with other people who actually understand and empathize, and it was a really supportive environment. I’ve been able to talk about my eating disorder with a few close friends and family, and they are mostly supportive, but I have never felt that anyone actually UNDERSTOOD because no-one else could wrap their minds around such an illogical thing, or they’d offer clueless advice, like “but why don’t you just stop doing it?”

I could relate to virtually everything the others were saying, and it just hit me like a load of bricks that I’m actually not alone. I was also blown away by looking around the room and seeing how gorgeous each and every one of the participants were, and realizing that they just couldn’t see their own beauty and worth. And that made me look at myself a little bit differently.  V.S.

Overall, I thought this weekend was great. I really appreciate how you helped us on an individual level with problems, because they always seemed to have some similar core that helped everyone but also gave me clarity and advice about my problem. I also liked how you kept repeating the tools so we wouldn’t forget and applied them to many circumstances.

There is nothing that really stands out that I think you need to change for future workshops. I think the progression from day one to the end is smooth, full of good information and not intimidating, so keep it up!

Likes – comfortable feelings throughout the group

–      I feel connected to the people

I learned a lot about myself just by socializing during breaks with each other, sometimes more than the workshop itself.

By taking this workshop I have a better outlook on my gradual recovery process. I learned to acknowledge my small successes as well as forgive myself for my failures or the times when I still use food.

I really liked the people I participated with and hope there is some way for us to keep in touch in the future.”

I like that we had many breaks as the days were long and that everything was relevant. In the beginning I felt like the ‘odd one out’ because I hadn’t met you or had been counselled before, but by the end of the first day, I didn’t even notice.

Even when I left for the evening, I could hear your voice in my head asking “Why’s that important?, and ‘… which means… ?’ the tools are fantastic and I feel motivated to use them. I know that this is a process and I am able to see that one failure is not a complete failure. Life will now be different because I can stop, breathe and identify the ‘all-or-nothing’ thinking that I didn’t even know was there.

Great information, the charts and research information is really good for the analytical mind – its a good balance between all the emotion. I liked the ‘working’ lunches, pointing out the elephant in the room beforehand and being able to openly and freely discuss it while eating really eased me.

Overall, I enjoyed it a lot, so much help, lots of great tools. I’m very happy I came! Lots of info to process, I’m so glad its in my head now. I felt very comfortable day 2-3 with sharing and talking, I felt little judgement and felt the encouragement to be open. It was a safe environment.

This weekend workshop has provided me with some clear usable tools to assist me in identifying, understanding and communicating about my thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Having these tools at my disposal has begun to make me feel like I am ready and capable to deal with the deeper layers of my feelings and experiences that I have previously been too scared to acknowledge and begin to deal with.

I really enjoyed the format of the workshop. The ‘laidback’, relaxed (and familiar) environment permitted and facilitated the feeling of safe sharing. I never imagined myself being able to share in a group setting.   Overall, I’m very happy.” – Devon

I like that it is stressed upon us that this is a process and just because the weekend is done, we are not cured, it is not done. I like that you made us all feel special. I love the peaceful, calming setting. I can’t wait to tell my friends and family about CEDRIC. This was life-changing for me.’ -Morgan

Wow! Thanks so much for your amazing support, kindness and knowledge. You have super genius insights and talent. Life is way too short and I am excited for our future work. -J.

It was a happy, happy day when the Universe directed me to you and the CEDRIC Centre. I came for Fat Camp and ended up on a Spiritual Journey! The beginning of the rest of my life!

While I’m not much different on the outside yet, thanks to your guidance, wisdom, wealth of knowledge and support, my inner self is a whole lot more spacious, tidy and roomy… plenty of room for the shiny new set of tools you’ve given me. Those tools remind me of my new hiking boots.

I arrived in Victoria wearing a worn out pair of Rockport hikers. I loved those trusty old boots. They carried me around the world for five years, through all manner of weather, enduring deplorable abuse, but they were falling apart, no longer serving or supporting me, just like my tattered old limiting core beliefs.

Both boots and core beliefs have been replaced with shiny, new, sturdy models, the core beliefs bolstered with tools. It took some work to find and fit both replacements, the boots and the core beliefs. They’re both going to take a bit of ‘breaking in’ as I’m still learning how and when to operate those tools. But I am totally certain both will carry me a long, long way. I’m excited about the journey, even while I stumble and totter, sometimes fallings, sometimes striding along comfortably.

Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your expertise, your compassion, your patience… sometimes we don’t get what we ask for, sometimes we get way, way more. I’m looking forward to your wise counsel for the rest of my healing journey.” – Janet

“Thank you for your honesty. I appreciate that you could speak to us as a group as well as address us as individuals. Thank you for your patience and compassion. I felt that this seminar is a stepping stone to changing my behaviour as well as recognizing my feelings.”- Diane

I was VERY impressed with how attentive Michelle is with attending everyone’s needs and holding space for each person. I would like to have covered more material, thought I realize that was sacrificed for holding space for each person’s individual needs – so I am OK with that – and I honestly do feel like we covered lots. I have some very good tools to take away with me. I wish everyone I knew could take this workshop.”

I very much enjoyed the group. I came into this thinking that I might not get my needs met. After day one, I had my blindfold off and was much more aware of myself, emotions  and the world around me. I felt it was very well balanced, and when I was unable to invite myself into a conversation, I was invited in by Michelle or other members of the group. It was so great to be able to relate to the others in the group and I hope I can participate in Phase II. Thank you, Michelle, for your kindness, love and compassion that I felt ‘missing’ for so long.” -Colleen

Excellent crowd control. I really enjoyed the mindfulness lessons with Beth. I enjoyed the stretching. I got a lot out of the ‘sits’ – guided meditations after meals.”

Loved the workshop, you are fabulous. Got many tools to help me on my journey. Beth was great and I would have enjoyed more movement, feel a bit numb bum at this point on Sunday. I wonder if lunches could be handled a bit differently to make better use of our time together, perhaps catering/ pre-ordering? The check-ins were great, the revealing was somewhat uncomfortable for me but clearly part of the process. Would like to thank you for your insight and guidance.”

The need this group met for me was recognizing my own need for something (first of all, of course) recognizing that I do have this thing called ‘Needs’ and that I should try to meet them myself, first. By recognizing my needs, I can thus go forth on my way to meeting them. Bad coping will not meet them. I’ve prided myself on never needing anything from anyone, would rather go without help, than asking for it and that has separated me from my family. This was supposed to make me independent. It has not. One must meet their own needs whatever they may be, before helping someone meet their own. You CAN ask for help. You are under no obligation however to be meeting everyone’s needs, especially before your own. We all have needs and will have needs that are never met- but the healthy coping strategies that have been taught have armed me with the ability to meet my own hierarchy of needs by myself.” – Rebecca

This was an incredibly powerful and enlightening weekend. I’ve never delved so deeply into what makes me tick before. I now feel enabled for the first time in years to silence the Nag Hag and step outside of my current comfort zone to a happier, healthier, more balanced lifestyle. With my new tools and new friends, I can’t lose. I came into this weekend thinking I knew what was up with me. What a surprise ending to find out what was truly up!” – Darlene

This weekend was an amazing experience that I wish I had done years ago. I feel as though I understand myself much better and realize that what I’m thinking, feeling and doing is normal and understood by someone.

I loved the bonding with the other women, and by hearing the great ideas and seeing the procedures first-hand (guided by Michelle), made it easier to understand. I now feels as though I am much better equipped to make progress towards healing my old beliefs and replacing them with  healthier ones.

It’s a work in progress, but the intensive 3 days solidified my knowledge and made me apply the tools and exercises we practiced. I know I’ll be able to continue with that. Thank you, Michelle, for your compassion, expertise, wisdom and experience. We need more resources like you. It was an intense experience and I wouldn’t change anything.” – Angelica

Thank you for providing a secure and accepting environment for me to explore and identify some personal key issues – and for providing the tools to confidently move forward. You have a natural and gentle approach with great insight to what I’m saying / experiencing. You are a listener – and a ‘hearer’ and have guided this group to some real understanding – about specific situations and general issues. I look forward to making changes in my life with the skills you have provided. May you always be surrounded by the positive and loving energy you put out to the universe.” – Christine

I was wondering why you don’t open franchises across BC and Canada as the CEDRIC Centre seems to be unique in its role and approach. Now I see that that would only be possible once cloning technology has been perfected, as I can’t imagine anyone else bringing everything that you bring to your job.

I was so impressed with your abilities to impart the information effectively, be kind, gentle and supportive, be direct and strong, and have the answers that everyone needed to their challenges.  -Rachel’

Thank you for being so gentle in your care of us. You made me feel very safe and willing to open up. I feel that I now have a much better idea of my core beliefs and how they have controlled me over the years and why I never made progress on the diet front. It’s not about controlling the food anymore, its all about why do I want to eat. Am I hungry? Am I trying to fill another need? You have basically taken food out of the equation for me. I still have a long way to go but I do see a glimmer of light on the horizon and the start of a new path- a new way of being me.” -Krista

First, I would like to start with how thankful I am to you for inviting me to this workshop. I truly believe this was exactly what I needed to continue on my journey of self healing and true happiness. I really don’t thing that there is anything that needs to be different. I love the tools and will be taking them home with me and I can really see myself using them. Wow! Look how far I have come!” – Heather

I really appreciate hearing from others in a group setting. I got far more than I expected out of the workshop. I do not feel like there is anything missing. I have been given all the pieces to be effective and make lasting changes. Everyone was given what they needed and got lots of one on one time. I honestly couldn’t suggest one single thing that would have made the weekend here more complete and satisfying. I thank you from my heart that I had this opportunity.

I thought this weekend was great! I really appreciate how you helped us on an individual level with problems because they always seemed to have some similar core that helped everyone but also gave me clarity and advice about my particular problem. I also liked how you kept reinforcing the core tools so we wouldn’t forget and showed us how to apply them to many circumstances. The workshop is full of good information and not at all intimidating so keep it up!!

I felt comfortable in the group and really connected to the people. I learned a lot about myself just socializing during the breaks with each other. I have a better outlook on my recovery and have now learned to acknowledge my small successes and forgive myself for the times when I still use food to cope.

Everything was relevant! In the beginning I felt like the odd one out because I hadn’t met you or done any work with the centre yet but I immediately began to feel part of the group and by the end of the first day didn’t even notice.  When I left for the evening of the first day I could hear your voice in my head asking “Why is that important…. And that means?” The tools are fantastic and I feel so motivated to use them!  I know this is a process and I am able to see that one failure is not complete failure.  Life will be different now because I can stop, breathe and identify the all or nothing thinking that I didn’t even know was there.

Great research and information in the handouts and discussions. It was really good for the analytical mind. A very good balance between the rational and the emotional. I liked the working lunches. Pointing out the elephant in the living room beforehand and being able to openly and freely discuss it while eating really eased me.  I’m very happy I came and I’m so glad I have all these great tools in my head now. I felt very comfortable talking and sharing and encouraged to be open. It was a very safe environment.

The workshop was amazing! You are a truly wonderful and knowledgeable woman. I’m so excited to use my new tools and you have given me so much insight!  Change is such a scary road for me but you have taught me that it can be gradual and a huge learning experience. Every bit of effort counts. I feel honored and blessed to have you as a support.

This workshop has provided me with some clear, usable tools to assist me in identifying, understanding and communicating about my thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Having these tools at my disposal has begun to make me feel like I’m ready and capable to deal with the deeper layers of my feelings and experiences that I have previously been too scared to acknowledge and begin to deal with.

I really enjoyed the format of the workshop. The laid back, relaxed environment permitted/facilitated the feeling of safe sharing. I never imagined myself being able to share in a group setting.

One part that I really enjoyed was that we all ate together. I’ve always wanted to eat with someone who knew what I was going through and then help me get over the feelings I experienced. I also enjoyed that the focus of the workshop was not food! I am definitely going to recommend The CEDRIC Centre. Thanks for giving me insight to my coping strategy and how I may get better.

The group was a good size and Michelle was easy to talk to and obviously knowledgeable. I can’t wait to try the new strategies explained.

I found exactly what I was looking for. Answers to nagging questions I could not or did not feel safe exploring on my own. I feel confident and happy that I now have new tools that I will use. They are no- nonsense, common sense ways to approach my eating and to understand why I do what I do. I also found the permission to be authentic, validated and trust myself deeper, to finally have a relationship with me.

I gained awareness that issues I thought I had dealt with, weren’t finished. I found the weekend to be a positive experience.

I got a great reminder to spend more time in the present and to acknowledge my feelings, to name them and process them. A lot of tools to use. A lot of knowledge in the handouts. I thought the group format and concentrated period of time was an excellent way to do this counselling.

I really enjoyed the weekend. The information and presentation is really great and I just want to run out and bring this enlightenment to everyone!

Very skilled counsellor. I felt Michelle was knowledgeable, competent, empathetic and aware of individual needs.  Mindfulness and yoga were important pieces to slow me down at the beginning and the end of each day.  The space is good, pleasant and comfortable.

As a facilitator you are very well informed, compassionate and helpful.  I felt you were a friend rather than a clinician. I thank you for having this service and I plan to keep you in my life of recovery.

I very much responded to the “scientific approach.” The logic and how well you explained the process as well as the guidelines for speaking. I felt we were all allowed equal time and attention. I did not feel rushed or brushed off in any way.  The atmosphere was so caring. The experience and physical surroundings more than exceeded my expectations.

I learned new tools to use and look forward to taking them home to put into practice. Thank you!

The logic of the material made sense.  How you directed the conversation to allow us to come to the needed conclusion was awesome!  Spending the needed time on each one of us was wonderful.  I learned so much just listening.  The amount of time was a great beginning to my recovery. I look forward to more.

I want to thank you Michelle as I just see things much more clearly.  It makes so much sense and you made things feel so much more simple and doable.  I really liked the way you spoke to everyone, so calm and coming from a place of knowing. It was so incredible to just watch you speak to the others in our group.  I think you are an incredible person Michelle and with your help and some work on my end I really feel like I am on my way to healing.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

‘Thanks for your support, we really appreciate you.

If it wasn’t for you and the CEDRIC Centre I would never have gotten to the point I have now. I have been growing in leaps and bounds although some times it feels like baby steps. I could never thank you enough for opening this scary yet timely door that I need to step through.  Your support and words of wisdom mean so much. Thanks for a safe place to find myself.’

‘Thank you for all the wisdom, laughter and an open door with great listeners.’

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