What does your LH test say?

Learned helplessness is a way of perceiving the world that underlies everything you do, say, think and feel. LH typically happened in childhood when we felt powerless to effect changes or resolutions to the stressors in our lives. It’s also part of the all-or-nothing mindset that tells us that we, as adults, still can’t do anything to remedy situations that are uncomfortable or intolerable for us. Learned helplessness is part of the using food coping strategy. It’s easier to eat or restrict than to deal with something we think we can’t. That’s human. We’ve ALL done this at one time or another. Avoiding pain is usually easier than running toward it! But, in the end, if we don’t take action and face what’s bothering us, we just end up perpetuating the self-defeating cycle and feel more and more frustrated and hopeless in the process. How’s the level of your LH?

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