Food is Not the Problem: Find Out What Is!

Welcome to the CEDRIC Centre’s podcast. We provide counselling to people all over the world who struggle with food and body image stress. Whether you have an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder; whether you overeat, restrict, purge or simply focus on diets and calories and body image more than you’d like the CEDRIC Centre’s specialized method will teach you how to find your way back to an easy and peaceful relationship with food that leaves you at a natural weight for your body with no dieting, in fact, with no focus on food at all. We know that food is not the problem. We’ll help you to quickly uncover what’s really triggering your overeating or restriction and we’ll show you simple tools to overcome your food and body image stress completely and forever. We’re the experts in getting you from “I’m stuck” to Unstuck!  We offer counselling anywhere in the world. We also have a phenomenal web based counselling program with a perfect blend of self-help, peer support and teleclasses/group counselling.  We also offer intensive retreats at our centre’s in Vancouver and Victoria, BC and we have complete line of products including our groundbreaking book “Food is not the Problem: Deal With What Is!” as well as cd’s, dvd’s and workbooks. Visit our web site @ to find out more about how we can help you to quickly and completely overcome your stressful relationship with food. Or call toll free (in Canada and the US) @ 1-866-393-0797 (1-250-383-0797 if you live elsewhere).  We welcome hearing from you and know you’ll enjoy the podcast!  Have a great day!

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