Happy New Year? by Michelle Morand

Happy New Year?

Michelle Morand

Hello and welcome to the CEDRIC blog. Did you make any new year’s resolutions? Did you promise yourself this would be the year that you finally got your food, body image, life, under control?

How’s it going, so far?

Remember that Einstein said “the same mind that created the problem can’t be used to solve it.” What that means to me is that, regardless of how much I want to change something that’s bugging me about me or my life, if I don’t get some new information or learn some new tools, no matter how hard I try, I am going to find myself back in the same place that I started – only likely feeling a little more defeated and despairing. If you are still wondering how to create a peaceful and easy relationship with food, chances are you just need a bit of new information and a few new tools and you’ll be on your way. You can identify yourself as someone who uses food to cope if any of these statements describe you often: 1. You’re wanting to eat and aren’t hungry; 2. You’re eating past the point of fullness; 3. and/or You’re aware you’re hungry but aren’t allowing yourself to eat because a. no one else is; b. it’s not a socially prescribed meal time; c. you’ve had your caloric allotment for this time / day; or d. the you think that pushing yourself to wait when you’re hungry is going to make you lose weight faster. If any of the above statements describe you, you use food to cope. If you’d like that to be different the best place to start is simply to ask yourself this question any time you notice that you’re engaged in any of the above methods of coping: What was I just thinking/What just happened, separate from food and body image, to make me feel at all anxious or overwhelmed? I guarantee you there will be an answer if you genuinely want to find it. This will prove to you in a matter of minutes that your focus on food to cope is just a coping strategy and not the real problem. Then the question becomes: How do I solve the real problem and how do I stop using food to cope? That’s where CEDRIC comes in. If you’re a self-starter or want to learn and grow in the privacy of your own home you’ll want to explore our book, cd’s, workbooks and videos, available for immediate download through this link. If you’d like to have some support from a counsellor to expedite your journey consider some individual sessions or one of our Intensive Weekend Workshops. Try this tool. Experiment with identifying for yourself what’s really going on that’s triggering you to cope with food. And when you’re ready, let us show you how to let that pattern go once and for all. Please leave a comment or send me an email @ mmorand@islandnet.com once you’ve tried the tool and let me know what you discover. Love and healing wishes! Michelle

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