Grounding and Centering Exercise for You!

Hello CEDRIC community members. I want to send you off on your long weekend experience, whatever that may be, with a quick thought to help ground and center you and to guide you in making decisions around food this weekend and beyond. At the very least it will illuminate some of your current barriers to having a peaceful relationship with food. Whenever you are faced with a choice to eat ask yourself the following two questions: 1. Am I physically hungry? 2. Is what I’m about to eat going to support me to feel psychologically, emotionally and physically well after I eat this and tomorrow morning? If not, what will?

Grounding and Centering Exercise

Give this a whirl, see what happens. Let me know. Love Michelle Whether you prefer one-on-one counselling (in-person, by phone, or email), our intensive and transformative workshops, or the  self-help approach, take action today to have a stress-free relationship with food. Sign up for our free newsletter today! Newsletter subscribers receive exclusive product discounts and are first in line to get on all the latest new at CEDRIC!

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