Good Enough for You is Good Enough

Good Enough for You is Good Enough

Your good enough-ness can’t be dependent on anyone else – it can’t ride on you being the best looking, the smartest, the fastest, the richest, the kindest, the nicest, the most generous, etc. Good Enough for You is Good Enough.

It has to be determined by you clearly identifying your core values and principles; the key roles in your life that you have now or would like to put in place; and the goals that you have for yourself in each of those roles.

Once you are clear on what is reasonable to expect of yourself, rather than just desirable, in all areas, given the goals you have (including those for balance and self-care), you will be able to set reasonable goals to maintain or attain your highest ability in each of those areas. You will never be good enough if you try to set goals or identify standards in any other way.

All other approaches put too much emphasis on what others think, feel and do and have an element of competition with others rather than a challenge from within to be the best you can be.

You can`t ever truly hope to feel confident in yourself if you`re taking your cues of right and wrong and okay and not okay from outside of yourself.

You must identify your own set of values and principles and trust yourself to follow through on them. Values like honesty, integrity, reliability must be honoured by yourself first or else they mean nothing and you will not feel good about yourself nor will you feel entitled to expect those things from the people you relate to. Hence you`ll find yourself in relationships that are unsafe or at the very least, unsatisfying and you`ll keep on feeling not good enough and assume there is something wrong with you.

In fact, it isn`t something wrong with you, it`s something missing in your thinking; in your understanding of how functional, healthy, stable, truly fun relationships are established and maintained. And you`re only missing that because you`ve never seen in modeled – no one ever showed you how to make that happen.

If you`d like to start feeling truly good enough and get on with living life to the fullest – whether you`re 25 or 85 – I can help.

Reach out and let me teach you some simple tools for changing the way you relate to others and the way you feel about yourself.

Love Michelle

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