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If you’re reading this then I’ll bet you can relate to feeling stuck and frustrated, seeing yourself repeat the same behaviour with food or other harmful behaviours day after day after day, even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t and you really don’t want to.

If you’ve been feeling like there is something wrong with you because you just can’t get a grip on food I’m here to reassure you:

There’s nothing wrong with you, you just need a solution that works, simply and quickly. And that’s what The CEDRIC Method is.

The CEDRIC Method quickly gets to the real root of your stress and frustration with food and weight loss and gives you a simple solution that you can use, in just a few minutes a day – literally, to step free, for good, of the grip that food has on you.

Life is too short
 and there is far too much to experience to spend any more time stuck and feeling frustrated and disappointed in yourself.
What is binge eating?

Get help for binge eating, weight loss, emotional eating, and eating disorders now.Hello. 🙂

I can say with complete confidence: You’re not doomed to feel awkward and stressed about food forever. You’ve simply been trying to solve your problems with food and with your weight through approaches that just can’t work for you. 

In fact, I can guarantee that the things you’ve been trying are much harder than they need to be and are taking much more time out of your day and out of your life than you need to spend in order to achieve lasting peace and freedom from food and weight stress.

True recovery is simple, straight forward and speedy when you’re using tools that work. And that’s what The CEDRIC Method is all about. 

And if you’d like to email me or ask any questions about the things you’re learning or the different ways my team and I can help you, just reach out and I’ll get right back to you.  Michelle  

Free Goodies for You:

Special Video Presentation: Feeling Good About Food

This presentation covers the two key pieces that are at play for everyone who struggles with binging, overeating, weight loss, eating disorders of any kind, addictions, stressful relationships, co-dependence, anxiety, depression and any other harmful coping strategy.

Podcasts: CD

These free podcasts will give you some great information on why food is such a struggle and a few tips on things you can start to do differently in your day to day life to feel in control of food and more relaxed in your own skin.
Natural Eating Defined and Explored;   The Most Important Thing to Remember   


CEDRIC-Centre-for-Stress-free-Eating-Teleclasses This teleclass is over an hour long and covers the basics of what you need to know to understand what has been keeping you stuck and something you can do right now to begin to experience true peace and freedom with food. The First Step to freedom from Binging, Purging and Restricting and How to Stop  


It isn't the binge, it's the diet, that's keeping you stuck in binging behaviour.

It isn’t the binge, it’s the diet, that’s keeping you stuck in binging behaviour. Find out how to step free for good!

This series of articles will educate you on a key piece of what’s been keeping you stuck in your efforts to get a grip on food and feel confident in your body.

Each article will give you a little tool to experiment with that will help you to take one more step towards complete freedom from emotional eating, binging or any form of eating disorder.

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