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Get Free Of The Diet MentalityHello! This is Part IX in our Diet Mentality series. Can you believe it!!? We’ve almost covered all the key points of the diet mentality and now you’ve got some clear and specific suggestions of what to do to change and let go completely of each of them. In case you’re new to our community you should know that my mission statement as an author/educator and counsellor is to ensure that anyone who wants to change their stressful relationship with food, regardless of where they live or their financial situation, gets the tools they need to step free!  So this series is just another in a long line of articles, stemming back over 10 years, that I have written every week to provide you with tools and information to change your relationship with food. The CEDRIC Centre and our counselling and support team offer personalized healing retreats, individual counselling and group support, workshops, an interactive web based program and books, workbooks and many other resources like cd’s and video clips to help you step free completely from any stress around food and body image. These articles are a stepping stone to help you see what’s not working and why and most importantly, what to do about it. If you want support and want to move faster and more easily through this process that’s where we come in with any of the above services to help you achieve your goals. Last week I gave you a step by step approach to loving exercise, and therefore actually doing it! How’s it going? If you tried it, I know it’s going great!  And if you’re resistant to it it’s time to read the chapter on compassionate goal setting in my book Food is not the Problem: Deal With What Is! This week I want to ask you some questions about clothing. Then next week we’re going to explore your beliefs and current Drill Sgt. approach to clothing and how they impact your relationship with food – we’ll take as long as we need to take on this because it’s a very key point and I want to cover all the bases so that you can truly, freely, comfortably allow yourself to wear comfy clothes and take the focus off your body/weight and put in onto what’s actually going to create the change to seek. For this week just consider the following questions. Or for a deeper experience and greater clarity take 10 minutes and write out your answers to the following questions: What are the stories I’m telling myself about clothes in general? What size am I ‘supposed’ to be? What’s wrong with the size I am now? What do I have to weigh/look like before I am allowed to have any new clothes or any clothes that truly fit me comfortably? What is the natural consequence of me not allowing myself to have clothes that fit me comfortably now? What am I telling myself it means about me and about my body that I am the size I am now? What am I telling myself that other people think about me and about my body now? Okay – that’s enough for now – give some thought to those questions and next week we’ll start to make some sense of it all and move you forward in a way that feels truly right for you. Have a great week! And keep practicing all your new Diet Mentality awareness! Love,

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