End the Obsession

Eating disorders and food obsession will be the main topic on the “End the Obsession Workshop” which will be held on January 15th 2005 from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. The CEDRIC Centre, (Community Eating Disorders and Related Issues Counselling), is hosting this first annual event, costing $167.50; snacks and beverages included, at The Sandman Hotel Board Room, 2852 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC. To register, 1-250-383-0797. Everyone’s got a gimmick these days. Ultimate Solutions, Lean Lifestyles, and Super Skinny Pills are falling off trees. “But,” asks Michelle Morand, founder and director of The CEDRIC Centre, “do they really produce lasting change, get to the bottom of why you overeat and do they teach you new behaviors, or do they just put you on another diet?” “Our 1 Day End the Obsession Workshop is pretty intense. And it’s not a magic bullet, either. People who come won’t suddenly stop feeling obsessed with food at the stroke of midnight. But, they will gain simple and concrete tools they can take home and use, when they need them, to change their relationship with food permanently.” End the Obsession and Stop Eating Disorders “If you want to stop obsessing about every bite you eat, and stop measuring your self-worth based on the numbers on a scale, this is where you need to be,” says Morand. The CEDRIC Centre specializes in the treatment of clinical eating disorders, sub-clinical disordered eating patterns, and related issues such as anxiety, depression, and distorted body image. Their registered clinical counselors provide bodywork, group, and individual counselling, as well as community outreach presentations for schools, educators, and health professionals. All of The CEDRIC Centre’s counsellors have recovered from an eating disorder, and are proud to have facilitated the recovery of hundreds of men and women in Victoria , BC and beyond.  

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