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I make it my priority to ensure that the participants at my workshops get what they came for and then some!  Here’s a little feedback from some participants on my Phase II workshop.

“This weekend has come as a great reaffirmation of the things that we learned in Phase I, while building on the finer points of strategies to help me improve my relationship with myself and others.

I feel empowered and hopeful to put this into practice in my daily life as I’ve already felt the impact of the lessons and insights this weekend! I am excited for Phase III!!” – J Kristy 

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“Dear Michelle, I wanted to express how pleased I was to spend time doing Phase 2 because it was great to learn new tools, go deeper, and to find new ways I can progress in my healing.

It was also wonderful to really feel how far I have come – I mean, I knew I was happier but to actually talk about the process of going from the unmet needs to the behaviour I was able to see how often I actually easily and effortlessly attend to my needs or catch myself in the cycle earlier on.

I was also truly in awe of how compassionate and understanding you are – your abilities as a counsellor in a group setting are very impressive. It is inspiring to see how you balance everyone’s needs and learning and are truly able to see the “gaps” in their understanding and then able to reframe or restate the tool so the person is then able to understand it. I was watching you and your intuition in what a person can take and understand in their process is beautiful.”

“Thank you, as always, for everything you and your Centre have provided for me in my journey.”  – Blessings, Nadine

I found Phase II very helpful. It fit really well after Phase I. I can really see now the progression. I got more out of it than I expected and I really feel as if I’ve taken a big step forward in just a little time.

It was definitely worth following up with this after Phase I and I would highly recommend it! Thank you for everything.” -J  Alisha

“Thank you! I’m really glad I came. This session really served to strengthen my tools and practices to a more comfortable level.

I feel I have a better grasp on what this program offers and how it will help me, which is great because that’s exactly what I wanted to happen from this weekend.” -Linda

“Dear Michelle, Thank you for making this opportunity available.  Coming together with other people that use food to cope is not only comforting but motivating.  You provided a platform where others like me could learn in party, by sharing our stories, experiences and challenges.  This past weekend has not only given me further insight into myself as a person but has also left me feeling very inspired to be (as I am learning) the individual, wife, mom and friend I want and can be.  I look forward to continuing on this journey with you as my guide and support.  You are an incredible counselor, teacher and woman.  I cannot thank you enough.”  Lisa

Goal: “My goal is to solidify my tools and my trust in my ability to eat naturally.”

Feedback: “A wonderful weekend with wonderful women!  Each day when I leave I notice that I feel more peaceful in mind and body as I’m on my way home.  I feel my confidence growing that I can offer myself the things that I need and that I can name these needs for myself by going with and trusting.”

Goal: To enhance my communication skills with key family members; Be able to catch and challenge my all-or-nothing thinking; know that I will no longer turn to food to cope.

Feedback:  “This was essential to my emotional health.  I can’t imagine how my life would carry on as it was without this. You are an outstanding facilitator. I have no suggestions for improvement.  The tone of your voice, the peace and clarity with which you speak, are a wonderful gift. I have come away from this weekend with a fresh understanding and a newly minted tool kit to enable me to navigate the key relationships in my life.  I also feel much more confident about my ambition to continue in this journey.  No journey is without its detours but I feel like I now have the capacity to pick myself up and dust myself off and carry on.  I look forward to other workshops I’ll be able to attend and especially to the DVD’s you’re creating.  The group dynamic was excellent.  I know how a particular mix of people can make or break the session, but your skill made this one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve been involved in.” – Lisa

Goal: “I have a tough time with balance. I’d like to have a stronger sense of balance and to see my all-or-nothing thinking diminish.”

 Feedback: “I really love your way of explaining things.  I wish we could have had more time! I really learned so much from the other ladies as well.  Thank you.”

Goal: “I would like to trust that I am deserving of happiness and trust that I am able to meet my needs.  I want to let go of needing other people’s validation or approval of my perception before I trust my own gut feelings on things.”

Feedback: “It’s been another amazing weekend.  I have no suggestions for improvement in terms of length, content or especially your facilitation.  I’ve been on this journey for 9 months now, (interesting length of time!) and I feel like I’m just really, really beginning to understand, even though I’ve grown so much already.  I know that I need to work on this daily and I know I haven’t been doing that yet, but I have so much hope for the future.  I see the path now.  It may not be as straight as I’d like but it’s most definitely going in exactly the right direction.  Thank you for you wisdom, support and love.”

“Wow, our weekend workshop was very eye opening for me. For the very first time in my life I have hope.  You are a true gift from God, sharing our wisdom and experience so generously.  Thank you.”


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