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Intensive Group Coaching

Are you ready to create significant and lasting change in your life?

Join the Intensive Coaching Program and you’ll get the support and guidance you need to quickly learn how to create change that makes you happy: Real, solid change that lasts, in any area of your life

Your Intensive Group Coaching Program includes 3 Key Components:
  1. One on One Sessions with me, Michelle Morand;
  2. 12 Weekly, One Hour, Group Webinars, facilitated by Michelle Morand, with a unique topic and specific tools and guidance every week; and
  3. 6 Months of access to the Food is Not the Problem web program.

Webinar Topics Will Include:

  1. The Diet Mentality and how to change it;
  2. Natural Eating 101 (What it is and most importantly how to start doing it!);
  3. Body Image – How to see your body as it is and let go of the judgement, shame and blame that keep you stuck;
  4. Alexithymia – How disconnecting from your feelings keeps you stuck – and what to do about it;
  5. Anxiety & Depression – Making sense of painful feelings and how to let them go;
  6. Rational Thinking 101 – How to trust your perception of yourself, others, and life events;
  7. Procrastination – Why do you do it and what to do to stop;
  8. Self-Esteem 101 – What is Self-Esteem and how to build it in yourself;
  9. Speaking Up! – How to ask for what you need in a way that is almost 100% guaranteed to succeed every single time;
  10. Healthy Relationships – (A 3 part series on developing healthy relationships and communication skills). 


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