CEDRIC’s Weekly Update for Week 17, 2010

CEDRIC Centre Weekly UpdateWelcome to the CEDRIC Centre’s blog. This is the best place online to make lasting and complete changes to your stressful relationship with food, as well as any other stressful circumstances whether in relation to your self-regard, your relationships or your career. Many would say that we are the experts in getting you from “I’m stuck” to unstuck. Our very simple, quick, and effective method for removing all the barriers to your success, while simultaneously teaching you new ways of approaching food and other stressors, works for every harmful coping strategy and for every age, male or female. So whether you overeat, restrict, purge, drink, procrastinate, get stuck in harmful or unsatisfying relationships, feel unfulfilled in your career, or struggle with family connections, our method will show you, simply and speedily, how to create the change you seek in all areas of your life. Don’t waste another day feeling stuck and stressed out. Regardless of what you may have tried in the past, I can guarantee you, you’ve never tried this because if you had, you wouldn’t still be seeking a solution. Guaranteed! CEDRIC’s Weekly Update Hello All! Welcome to The CEDRIC Centre weekly update for the week of April 26th, 2010.  It’s Michelle Morand, CEDRIC founder and director here. Our Vancouver Workshop Delivered: This past weekend I had the great experience of facilitating our transformative Phase I workshop for a group of amazing women in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Thank you ladies for your openness and willingness to share and to experiment with the tools you learned. Here are some wonderful comments I received. Thank you again, ladies! “Thank you for your patience and kindness of teaching me tools which I will be able to use in my life. I have already noticed a shift in my being.” “I will be recommending this course to all my friends and family who need it.” “I learned that there is a reason why I overeat and that is enough to change my behaviour of overeating right now!” “Lots of good information has been provided during these 3 days and the opportunity to practice. I really liked the one-on-one opportunities to work with you.” “You are a really good therapist and person: Genuine; warm; knowledgeable; caring and skilled.” “You are a gifted facilitator with an amazing ability to keep the group focused and learning from each other.” Meet me in Vancouver at the Wellness Show: This coming weekend I will be in Vancouver again for the Wellness Show at the Convention Centre at the Pan Pacific Hotel. I will be presenting on Saturday @ 5:45 and on Sunday @ 11:00. If you know anyone who would benefit from learning more about why they do what they do, whether it’s procrastinate, engage in an eating disorder, restrict, purge or overeat, engage in the diet-binge-guilt cycle, drink or use drugs to cope, or simply just not take as good care of themselves as they “know” they should, I do hope you’ll encourage them to join me for this presentation. CEDRIC in the News: On top of that, if you watch Fanny Kiefer’s Studio 4 show on Shaw in Vancouver, you’ll be seeing me on Wednesday the 12th of May @ 9:00 am.  How fun is that!?  We just had the gift of a Globe and Mail article last week and a Victoria Shaw TV special on Orthorexia.  It really is very exciting to see the increasing public awareness that our holistic model of treatment for eating disorders and related concerns is generating in the media. Our Victoria May Workshop: We have a Phase I workshop, May 14 – 16th that still has some room for a few participants if you’d like to join me in Victoria. And as always, our innovative and comprehensive web-based support program is available to you 24/7. Virtual Private Counselling: We offer individual therapy from anywhere in the world via telephone or Skype and welcome the opportunity to support you to heal completely and forever from the stress of the use of food to cope. Have a beautiful week! The CEDRIC Centre - Michelle Morand

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